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A Man's Home is His Castle: Father's Day Gift Guide | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

A Man's Home is His Castle: Father's Day Gift Guide

A man (in this case a father) is most comfortable in his own home above all else, as it's a symbol of how he provides for his family. Sunday June 18th 2017 is Father's Day. Enhance dad's home pride with gifts that suit the rooms he spends most time in.

Existential Dread Birthday card

Celebrating Five Years!

Five years ago on a balmy Sunday in May, Room 2046 opened its doors on Yonge Street in the primarily residential neighbourhood of Summerhill in Toronto. Having served thousands of lattes, purveyed mountainous of crafted goods, styled and accessorized scores of the sartorially inclined over the past years, we're still pinching ourselves and asking, "Has it really been five years?"

My Mother's Mother: The Inspiration Behind Fé Everyday Goods

My Mother's Mother

Enrique Gaudite is the founder of Fé Everyday Goods. He has kindly agreed to be our guest blogger as he tells us the inspiration behind his fledgling brand drawn from his childhood memories and the remarkable, strong women in his family. With Mother's Day around the corner (May 14, 2017), we thought it would be fitting to share his story...
Matcha Lattes in Room 2046 Toronto

A Matcha Made in Heaven

We are now serving matcha green tea lattes at our #CafeInShop.

Matcha is powdered green tea unique to Japan, and just one glass is the equivalent of 10 glasses of regular loose leaf green tea. It is made with a stone-grinding process, which allows you to ingest the whole leaf and gain all of its benefits.

Mother's Day Gifts the Transcend Generations | Room 2046

Mother's Day Gifts that Transcend Generations

Here comes Mother's Day! Falling on Sunday May 14 this year, it's time to return some of that unconditional love to your mama. Moms are typically the family member that uphold family traditions in hopes of creating stronger family values. A common way of achieving this is with a legacy of noteworthy treasures with Mom bearing of these heirloom keepsakes.

May 04, 2017 by Mateo B
Old Fashioned Soy Wax Cocktail Candle by Room 2046 Studio in Toronto Canada

Order Another Round: Old Fashioned Cocktail Candles

Introducing the next round of Room 2046's cocktail candles: Old Fashioned.
Film stills from Moonlight by Barry Jenkins and Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love

Room 2046 Namesake Continues to Inspire

A frequently asked question in Room 2046 is the origin of the shop/café/studio's name. Although we joke about there always being two thousand and forty-six items in the store, when in fact it is a reference to the works of Wong Kar-wai.
Concrete Rotunda Black and Gold by Room 2046

How These Concrete Ideas Came to Be

We wanted to create objects that are functional, accessible, and fitting with the aesthetics of the shop. As our eclecticism is drawn from mixing the high with the low and juxtaposing beauty with grit, we figured that by creating vessels made from concrete – a gritty and solid material – to display delicate flowers and to hold something ephemeral like candle wax would be apropos.
Cocktail Soy Wax Candles by Room 2046

Smells Like Spirits: Cocktail Candles by Room 2046

In addition to our debut soy-wax candles, Provence and Rainstorm, hand-poured in a limited batch at our studio, we are also launching a Cocktail Collection consisting of fragrances inspired by classic cocktails. All nine o.z. candles are made of natural soy wax and come in short rock glasses.
Bold notebook by Poketo from Room 2046 Toronto

International Women's Day

On this International Women's Day (March 8), we are proud to state that a majority of the products offered in Room 2046 (also a female-owned business) are designed and/or produced by independent, entrepreneurial, creative women from across the world.