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Freshly Sprung Window Display

Although this winter's weather was quite forgiving, we can't help but be thrilled spring is beginning to swing into Summerhill. With a new season comes a new window display. Presenting the Spring Wallflower Ball Extravaganza!

SS15 Window Display in Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Experience the mesmerizing colour of hand stitched felt flowers finished with vintage buttons. This colour blocked radial design was inspired by contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Considered an artist who blends high and low art with an edge of controversy and cuteness, Murakami's aesthetic is powerfully colourful and hypnotic.

Murakami at The Brooklyn Museum

- Murakami installation at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Murakami blended genres of art and commercialism when he collaborated with Louis Vuitton at the invitation of designer Marc Jacobs, redesigning their iconic branded print in his own image. Murakami also collaborated with high profile musicians providing the cover artwork for Kanye West’s album Graduation and directed an animated music video for West’s song "Good Morning". Later he worked with musical producer Pharrell Williams to produce an attraction at Art Basel in 2009.

In 2008, Murakami was named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People", the only visual artist included. To see more of this whimsical artist's work, pick up a copy of Murakami - Ego available in our web shop. To see some of our other favourite artists' work click HERE.

Murakami - Ego | Room 2046 Toronto Canada 

Takashi Murakami in his Flower Ball Costume

- Murakami himself rocking his flower ball costume

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