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Class of 2016 Graduate Wish List

As the final days of higher learning slowly count down to summer time freedom Room 2046 would like to congratulate everyone snatching up a diploma this year as part of the class of 2016. Among these distinguished grads is our shop's own Ivanna who is graduating from Ryerson University with a bachelors degree in Fashion Communication. We've asked her to make a wish list of items that are essential for starting a new chapter in her life, these are her top picks.

Ivanna sipping an Iced Sloane Perfectly Pear Tea in a Juma Scarf and Illesteva Sunglasses

Ivanna sipping an Iced Sloane Perfectly Pear Tea in a Juma Scarf and Illesteva Sunglasses

"Studying at Ryerson taught me how to challenge myself to strive for more out my education, unfortunately it didn't teach me what adulthood had in store. Since I began working in Room 2046 I've been exposed to so many unique products that have empowered me to strive for better quality living."

Sugarcube Press Travel Trunk Letterpress Graduation Card | Room 2046 Toronto Canada  ABCs of Adulthood Book | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

"Now that the stress of assignments and essays are behind me, I've begun building a coffee table book collection. Leisure reading is a great way to let my mind absorb interesting trivia without the hassle of having to memorize. The ABC's of Adulthood makes a great gift for a recent graduate because let's be honest, we don't know how the real world works, some direction would be helpful. The New York Times bestselling authors Deborah Copaken & Randy Polumbo breakdown an alphabet of life lessons in an informative and entertaining way that will confirm H is for Happiness."

Sugarcube Press Books and Eames Chair Letterpress Graduation Card | Room 2046 Toronto Canada   Bindewerk PURIST WOOD notebook | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

"This card says it all: Now what? With each passing day and the new ability to create a daily schedule that works for me, I ask myself this constantly. Goodbye online class portals (that are out to get me), hello personal life, it's been a while! The Bindewerk Purist Wood Notebook makes a great gift for the recent grad as the blank, hand-bound pages are ready to be filled with new ideas, ventures and doodles. Like me, the open-minded graduate can easily throw it in their bag and have a stylish and durable notebook ready to go."

 Night Owl Paper Goods Wowie Gold Star Letterpress Card | Room 2046 Toronto Canada   Fucking Brilliant Pencils | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

"The saying goes you learn something new everyday, so why not write it down? I thought I was done taking notes for a while but turns out that task goes well beyond the classroom. Start writing your own life's golden rules to inspire with the Fucking Brilliant Graphite Pencils. 10 sassy scribblers to "take note, bitches!" (as seen embossed in gold one one of these bad ass pencils.)"

Night Owl Paper Goods Congrats Pat on the Back Lettterpress Card | Room 2046 Toronto Canada       Short Stack Editions: Corn | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

"For me a congratulatory celebration around a delicious meal is ideal. Whether it be a fancy dinner or better yet, something homemade, nothing is more universally appreciated by a starved post-grad student. The Short Stack Editions cookbooks are a practical gift for a graduate looking to raise the bar in the kitchen now that there's more time to make something other than plain chicken and rice. A Kickstarter success story, these zine inspired food journals are handmade to be concise, affordable and collectable by focusing on one ingredient per volume. This summer I'm bundling together corn, strawberries and plums."

Room 2046 wishes Ivanna the best of luck in the future and the same to all anyone else graduating this year! To make your own 2016 grad wish list, visit our gift for grads collection by clicking HERE

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