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Breathtaking Air Plants

Plants can enliven your living and working space. Adding to their decorative purposes for your home or office, having plants around helps purify the air as they release oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide. It's a simple way to bring nature indoors; however, caring for plants does not usually fall on top of priority lists for many of us with busy and demanding schedules. The regular watering, fertilizing, exposing to sunlight may sound like work. 

Fortunately, nature's repertoire of flora is vast that it yields the seemingly perfect plant for busy lives — the low maintenance Tillandsia, otherwide known as the air plant. Air plants require no soil as they absorb nutrients in the air through their leaves. These minimalist plants only require indirect sunlight and grow delightfully in bright rooms. Misting them with water once a week is sufficient.

Shown above from left: Apartamento Magazine and Ideas Notebook sitting in Wall Brick by Chive (can also be used as a planter for succulents and other indoor plants), Hudson Wall Cup by Chive

Air plants are quite beautiful and are so easy to maintain that we're able to have multiple of them scattered throughout the shop without worrying too much about their survival. With their versatility, they complement the various planters that we offer and enable creative uses of other types of housewares. Below are serving sets, Yedi Coffee Mug Tray Set and the Chick-a-Tea Pot Set in Temmoku by Hannah June Ceramic, photographed with air plants (not for sale). 

The benefits of having plants around outweigh the amount of work to maintain them, and knowing how convenient it is to maintain Tillandsia should shatter any existing perception of plants generally being reserved for the green thumb. Look no further to integrate nature into your home and find your favourite vessel here to store these delightful plants — available at your local florist.

Thelermont Hupton OK Hand Hook can be used to hold an air plant.
Design meets (multi)function.

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