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French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe...

Our super-sized ice-cream in the shop's window display has garnered quite the attention in Summerhill. Inevitably, we've had people coming in and asking for the cold treat. The cafe does not serve ice-cream; however, we offer something a little better... 

You know the expression, "Give a man a fish and you feed him a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?" Well, you definitely won't find instant gratification in Room 2046 to fulfil your craving, but we do have a selection of books that provide a plethora of tasty, easy-to-follow recipes on how to make your own ice-cream, popsicles, and other fun summer treats. 


Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream Book by Jake Godby, Sean Vahey, Paolo Lucchesi 

What began as an ice cream parlour founded by two friends in San Francisco's Mission District, Humphrey Slocombe has expanded to one other location, developed a cult following, and now published a book to boast. Known for adventurous flavours like their signature "Secret Breakfast" (bourbon as a key ingredient), Boccalone Prosciutto, Balsamic Caramel, this book is equally entertaining as it is informative. With its casual, tongue-in-cheek tone, you learn about the founders' early entrepreneurial experiences as much as you do about how to replicate their signature flavours at home. 

People's Pops by Nathalie Jordi, David Carrell and Joel Horowitz

In 2008, three old friends had a hunch that the world deserved a better ice pop. Every summer since, New York City’s been taken by storm with out-of-the-box flavours like Raspberries & Basil, Peach & Bourbon, and Cantaloupe & Tarragon from People’s Pops. One flavour that we're excited to try ourselves from their wide repertoire is the Cantaloupe and Campari Popsicle. When we do, well be serving them, naturally, in a Cantaloupe Vegetabowl

Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone by Krystina Castella 

Containing more than 100 recipes and variations, with this book you’ll learn techniques for making whimsical pops that look as fun as they taste. Kids will enjoy the juicy pops and flip over the soda fountain and pudding pops. Grown-up kids will dig the energy-boosting coffee, tea, and healthy energy pops and delight in the sophisticated cocktail pops.

Sprinkles! by Jackie Alpers

An eye candy of a book, Sprinkles! is a colourful guide to baking delicious desserts. Learn how to swirl sprinkles into waffles, "embroider" them on cookies and freeze them in popsicles. Also find creative, fun recipes and quick, easy projects to do with the kids along with ways to make your own holiday treats and party-perfect edible gifts. Of course, the book contains recipes for homemade sprinkles.

Once you scoop up a copy or two along with our current summer deals, enjoy a cold iced hazelnut latte from the cafe. It tastes like espresso ice-cream! 

For the real deal though, here are a few of our favourite ice-cream / gelato parlours in Toronto:

Taken from our Instagram: Menu from Kekou Gelato House

Kekou Gelato House

Recently opened, this little gem located on the quaint Baldwin Street and a stone's throw from the Art Gallery of Ontario offers exotic gelato flavours notably originating from South East Asia. If you aren't familiar with durian (the infamous pungent, cheese-like fruit), pandan (very coconut-y), soursop (kind of like passion fruit) or guava (#yum), you must try them in the form of gelato at least. Open until late, do multiple visits throughout the day to try every offering on the menu. 13 Baldwin St. 

The Big Chill

Image taken from their website

Another fun hang-out that opens until late, this ice-cream parlour is a College Street favourite. A great spot to people watch during hot summer afternoons and evenings, The Big Chill will stimulate all senses the moment you enter the space, whether it be from the fresh-baked waffles wafting from the press or the whimsical bovine decor greeting you. There are many flavours to choose from that will bring you back to those best moments of childhood. 566 College St.  

Dutch Dreams 

An institution in our books Dutch Dreams, a family-run shop has been around for about 25 years. Don't be surprised to see long line-ups for their homemade, wide-range of flavours ice-cream. Recently relocated further down the street from where it was on Vaughn Road, Dutch Dreams also offers a large selection of fresh fruit frozen yogurt. They're very generous with the myriad of toppings of fresh fruit chunks, whipped cream, and waffle pieces, so be warned, it will be a messy, but rewarding experience! 78 Vaughn Rd.

My Favourite Ice Cream Shop

Not too far from Room 2046 in Rosedale is the neighbourhood spot, My Favourite Ice Cream Shop located right next to the new and popular cold-pressed juice purveyor, Greenhouse Juice Co. Sourced from Greg's ice-cream, its roasted marshmallow is a must-try. Ditto the refreshing fruit-flavour like kiwi and the creamy green tea. 3 MacPherson Ave.


Where's your favourite spot in the city? 

Ice cream all year round is how we do in Toronto! Taken from our Instagram

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