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Leave an Impression

Why do all greeting cards found in Room 2046 belong to the letterpress, screen-print or laser/dye cut variety? Because aside from witty concepts, gorgeous designs, and strong messaging, we love the feel and beauty of finished, crafted products. A letterpress card is no exception to other types of well-made, quality pieces that we carry in the shop. In addition to the precision and attention to detail involved in the process, a letterpress offers a tangible, physical impression to the printed image and lettering that digitally-printed materials fail to replicate. 

As you write on a card to someone, wouldn't you want those birthday wishes, sincere apologies or loving words to leave a lasting impression?

If your words are meaningful and deliberate, shouldn't the card that presents them be as impressive? The video below shows you how the laborious process of turning an ordinary piece of paper stock—using the Kluge letterpress, a 2,000 pound, cast iron, electric powered beast of vacillating rods and spinning wheels— into work of art, and ultimately the medium that delivers your message to that special someone in your life. 

Room 2046 offers letterpress cards crafted by Albertine Press, Anemone Letterpress, Dee and Lala, Night Owl Paper Goods (select items), Sapling Press, Smitten Kitten (select items: Round Coasters series), Terrapin StationersWaterknot, and more coming soon. 



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