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Perfect Pairings ver. 2.0

As a follow up to our first Perfect Pairings guide, where cards and gifts were harmoniously matched up, we present Perfect Pairings ver. 2.0: doubling down on your gift giving. Room 2046 stocks a multitude of related products that go oh-so-well together, which turns a present into an experience.

A couple of carrots


Sunny side up



I love you berry much



Shaken and stirred


Hive to home



The writing is on the walls



Pour one out



Sweet like potatoes



Make dinner, not war

For more ideas, click on 'GIFTS' from the navigational menu at the top of this page. Alternatively, you could always visit the shop and we will sure to wrap the gifts for you at no extra cost. If you're not located in the city, please email for any recommendations.  

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