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Keeping It Analog This Valentine's Day – Consider the Mixtape

"The making of a great compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do's and don'ts. First of all, you're using someone else's poetry to express how you feel. This is a delicate thing."  - Rob, High Fidelity (written by Nick Hornby)

Various cassette tapes as part of the art installation window merchandising labelled 'Slow Jams Ho Down' ' Let's Get Meta Physical' 'In the Mood for Love' 'Wu-Tang is for the Children' ' Ben Jammin's Beats' 'Sir Mix-a-Love' and a greeting card with a cassette tape screenprinted

Looking to avoid cliché on Valentine's Day à la 2015, the digital age as we know it? Be original and surprise that special someone by keeping it analog

Giving a mixtape is arguably one of the most thoughtful, romantic gestures you can do for someone whom you're either courting or marrying. Virtually a relic of lost civilization in this modern age of MP3s, streaming, convenience and instant gratification, the obsolete mixtape remains highly evocative of romance, more than ever, when you can now create playlists through a touch of a screen and assess potential lover(s) by swiping left or right on that very same screen all at once! Isn't technology terrific?! The difference between producing a cassette mixtape and a digital playlist is the physical effort and time the former requires.  

It's not an easy, quick task to curate tracks and put them all together for your bae. In fact, partaking in this lost art itself will speak volume about your character, and reveal that sensitive, romantic side of you. Consider the steps into making a tangible mixtape and realize its virtues, fellow readers. 

First, you're deliberately selecting music that appropriately encapsulates your feelings for the person, while speculating on the ones that he or she will actually enjoy listening to. Your creativity comes to play when you sequence the tunes. Perhaps you want to order them chronologically by the songs' release dates to coincide with the days you shared memorable times together? Perhaps you want to build a lyrical narrative around the relationship's trajectory beginning from how you two met serendipitously...on Tinder? Or project your passive-aggression and resentment onto some heavy hits? Every relationship is a snowflake, and your mixtape should reflect that.

After the profound contemplation, you need to source the various songs from preferably different artists. After all, it is called a mixtape, not just a tape of a solo album – epic, lengthy songs that take up entire sides are exceptional, but kind of miss the point of the exercise. Finally, naming and labelling the mixtape carry equal significance as the curation of its contents. You can keep it simple, but here's your chance to fully shine, so go ahead be witty and referential. Add that inside joke, sprinkle a dash of sarcasm to the mix and adorn the label with some doodles and cute hearts. Be true to your feelings. Show that you really care. 

Now all you need is a cassette player. We hear that you can find anything on the internet. 

*                *              *

One man's trash is another woman's treasure...  

One man's trash is another man's treasure... Found: old mixtape of The Smiths by a man named JoelThe window display as bare bones... A foam-core heart-shape as the foundation is suspended from the ceilingSlowly coming the heart is tangled with the ribbon of the combined mixtapesA chain of cassette tapes, suspended from the ceiling, is shaped into a heart with the ribbon dangling down....

Our installation of the Mega Mixtape Heart is finally complete and is currently exhibited at our shop window... 

* If your order comes to $350 (before tax and shipping), we will throw in a specially Room 2046-curated mixtape!
Offer ends February 14, 2015.

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