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Date Night Toronto

Dates are about breaking the routine to mix things up, whether it’s a first date or a scheduled date night with a partner on Valentine's Day, planning a night (or day) on the town requires some thought to something that entertains and brings you closer as a couple. We’ve compiled a list of date night ideas for the lovers of Toronto to keep the fun fresh and romance burning.


There is something about heavy balls crashing into pins that has ‘date night’ written all over it. If you’re feeling nostalgic for an old school, 5-pin experience try Danforth Bowl for some good, clean fun. More of a fancy-pants? Book a lane at The Ballroom which also has a restaurant, billiards and a bar for a well rounded experience.

Fun & Games

Toronto has many options to show off your competitive side. Board game cafés and bars have been springing up all around Toronto and offer a wide selection of old and new games to test each other’s skills. Check out Castle in chinatown for a cup of coffee and rousing game of Battleship. If you want the all the fun but also want to be on your feet, visit SPiN for some drinks and quality paddlin’ time.



Why not go for an explorative hike in the varied trails of Toronto? You can also take it to the next level by strapping on some roller skates or bringing your own bike. Some good routes are The Leslie Spit, The West Toronto Rail path or the varied trials of the Don Valley that all lead to the charming and secluded Evergreen Brick Works, which offers a plethora of seasonal attractions.


Take to the lake and see the Toronto skyline from the water. The Toronto Harbour or Mariposa Cruises both have several different types of excursions to choose from. If you’re the adventurous type you can also rent a canoe and paddle out to the islands for a picnic.


Riverdale Farm, Ripley’s Aquarium or The Toronto Zoo are three options for you and your date to unleash your wild side or just ooh and aww at the cute animals. Either way there will be lots of opportunities to flirt with each other, the animals won't mind.


Visit one of hundreds of museums, galleries, theatres or learning centres, or all of them. A relatively new spot worth visiting is the Aga Khan Museum which offers a window in worlds unknown with engaging exhibits and workshops. If you want to keep things light and have a really good laugh, The Second City is always playing new original shows and you might even spot a celebrity or two.


The ultimate way to show off your hot date arm candy is at one of dozens of Toronto's annual festivals and events. There are enough throughout the year offering lots of chances to try something new and make some memories. Check out a list of the most popular ones by clicking here.

This list should keep you and your lover busy for the rest of the year and then some, just remember to end a good date with a passionate kiss.

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