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Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep-Goat-Ram

It's Chinese New Year on February 19, 2015. We can look forward to a calm and peaceful year of the sheep. This year promises tranquility and rest making it a good time to tread a steady life-path towards generosity and keeping the peace. Courtesy of Fortune Teller 2046, here are few things to keep in mind.

Save your money: This year isn't looking prosperous for big financial moves. Instead, save your money and enjoy the frugal side of life. We suggest you start feeding a Capitalist Piggy Bank.

Practice patience: At some point this year you might find yourself feeling irked by everyone around you. Instead of ramming horns with coworkers, friends or lovers, find a way to unwind and take your mind off the quarrels. Why not practice your poker face? Play a patient game of poker, all you need is Ridley's Game Room.

Focus on your studies: Since you will be taking it easy this year, the time is right to study something new or develop your skills. Cooking, writing, drawing or learning a new language, what ever it may be, Room 2046 has something to help you out.

If you're expecting a new baby in 2015, those born in the year of the sheep tend to be polite, devoted, and clever people. They will grow to love quiet living and will enjoy getting in touch with nature. Also consider that they might worry a lot, be sheepishly shy or sensitive, but all things considered, your little lamb could grow up to be just like famous rams such as Michelangelo, Mark Twain or Zhang Ziyi.

On February 19th, ring in a Chinese New Year and party proper by checking out some of our favourite party necessities by clicking here. As always we wish you good fortune in 2015, and your lucky numbers are: 2 0 4 6.

February 18, 2015 by Mateo Bressan

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