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[noun]: the never-ending cycle of organized chaos in a workspace that stunts productivity.

Sound familiar? File our tips for an organized office and life under 'useful'.

Stow & Hide: Most office clutter comes from stuff piling on top of other stuff. Find creative ways to stow away what isn't used everyday or isn't urgent. Designating a place for everything will make it easier to find in the future. We suggest you use the colourful Sketch Desk Tidy by Block Design and the In House desktop organizer to store pens, paper clips, binder clips and notepads.

Go Cordless: It's 2015, if there is a wireless version of an electronic, implement it. So long unsightly cord-ball-monsters tangling around your feet.

Multi-functionality: You do more than one job, so should your office supplies. Consider upgrading your notepad to DOIY's Hook It sticky notes or a Boxcar planter which can double as a planter, candy dish, pen cup.

Add Some Whimsy: Don't get stuck in a realm of monotone colours or plain accessories. Get something for your office that accentuates your personality or give you a giggle. Pick up a 1000 slices of Salami Notes of just straight up keep it fucking trill.

Re-schedule Your Declutter Day: Chaoffice never rests and neither should you. Make time to do it the moment you ask yourself: "where did I put that thing!?" Draw inspiration from The Art of Clean Up to get you in the mood for organization. 

April 05, 2015 by Room 2046

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