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Introducing Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat from Vietnam

We are proud to introduce Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, the first artisan chocolate maker based in Saigon, Vietnam and has been called "the best tasting chocolates you've never heard of" by The New York Times. Founded by two french expats Vincent Mourou, a former advertising professional and Sam Maruta a father of two and ex-banker, who both studied the vietnamese language and bonded over their interest in cocoa. Together, Marou aims to make Vietnam an internationally recognized region for gourmet chocolate.

Working closely with farmers, co-ops and cacao experts, eliminating the middle-man, they make time to personally hunt only the best cocoa beans across southern Vietnam. Together they share the ambition of protecting biodiversity and ensuring a decent living in reward for everyone's hard work.

Marou believes in authenticity, fun, and adventure and now their products can be found in Room 2046. Click here to bite into a bar.

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