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Have you met Ashkahn?

The colourfully whimsical and charmingly witty ASHKAHN greeting cards are now on the shelves in Room 2046. Ashkahn Shahparnia is the self proclaimed stationery prince and creative mind behind the brand, based in downtown Los Angeles. Shahparnia loves bananas, "poopheads," coconuts, burritos, 1985 300d Mercedes, beer, gold, silver, centrefolds, neon, pastels, open bars, Los Angeles, and tiki drinks. Many of those themes can be found in his artwork.

- Ashkahn's studio, DT LA

Besides working with big names like J.Crew and The Standard Hotel, and the band M83, Ashkahn has been featured in Interview Magazine, The New York Times, Taschen, and Paper Magazine, where he was named in the prestigious Top 20 Under 30 in 2011.

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