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Neapolitan Design: It's Ice Cream Season

The best thing about Neapolitan ice cream is not having to decide between your favourite flavours. But why stop at just three flavours? We strive to stock a variety of prize possessions to satisfy anyone's craving for design. Get inspired by these cool treats to refresh your space this summer.

Fishs Eddy is serving up a set of three ceramic bowls shaped in the classic neapolitan flavours. A hand-held bowl to make outdoor eating just a bit more convenient. You can also mix things up by serving fruit salad or mac 'n' cheese. If you're drawn to a single colour, you may purchase an individual cone.

If you're looking for more enticing flavours than the typical Neapolitan, pick up a copy of Big Gay Ice Cream and graduate into advanced ice cream-making techniques and flavour combinations. Try the Coffee Shake or the infamous Salty Pimp Sundae.


Round out your frosty collection of iced items with colourfully playful dining accents that will brighten up any table setting indoors or out:

If you'd rather have someone else do all the hard work (and you happen to live in Toronto) click HERE to see our review of Toronto's coolest ice cream parlours plus a few bonus treats we offer in store. To shop our entire range of dining products just click HERE to set a stellar table.

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