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Designer Profile: Arielle de Pinto

Room 2046 is pleased to present our latest addition to our jewellery line up: Arielle de Pinto, a Toronto-born designer who is finding her way into jewellery boxes around the globe. Her line features necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are a successful blend of hard and soft elements. Each line starts with an exploration into new weaving and crochet techniques, (which have been developed over the years by Arielle herself) using precious metal chains. Arielle's jewellery has graced the pages of influential fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and ELLE and continues to gain notoriety amongst fashion icons everywhere.

In 2006 Arielle got her start as a print-maker, working under New York City based artist Peter Coffin. It was during that time that her jewelry began to grow in notoriety as she sported pieces to galleries and art events. By the time she graduated with a fine arts diploma from Concordia University in 2007, she had already been featured in Nylon and the New York Times for her own work.

Arielle de Pinto's aesthetic can be described as effortless yet sophisticated, with versatility that accents any style type from plain-Jane to glamour punk. It is rough around the edges yet highly provocative, as Arielle herself sees the beauty in imperfections. Her jewellery treads the line between understated simplicity suitable for everyday and eye-catching statement pieces that stand out when you get a closer look.

Arielle de Pinto Siamese Gold and Rose Gold Bracelet | Room 2046 Toronto Canada Arielle de Pinto Spaced Bare Silver Spectrum Bare Chain | Room 2046 Toronto Canada Arielle de Pinto Pearl and Silver Earrings | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

In an interview for Bad Day Magazine, Arielle de Pinto sums up her perspective on the power of fashion has on personality and appearance.

"I don’t think that dress has to be something that’s really superficial. I think that it’s very powerful. I think it’s the way you choose to present yourself. In the world, to the world. And maybe it’s being from Toronto, I always put a lot of thought into my dress, and I would wear something different every day, but it’s not about showing off..."

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