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Working Overtime: Our Favourite Multitasking Items
Wild & Wolf Gentlemen's Hardware Penknife | Room 2046 Toronto Canada
Taking inspiration from the ever useful Wild & Wolf Gentlemen's Hardware Penknife, the multitool that can tackle more than one job, we present a collection of clever products that are working overtime. Items known for multitasking and offering you more performance without compromising their beauty.
Invotis Cool Grey Globe Bookends | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

The Invotis Cool Grey Globe Bookends will hold up your books in effortlessly cool style, while giving you a monochromatic globe to keep your geography game on point.

The Men's Soap Shop Bergamot Aftershave in a Flask | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

From bathroom to bar, The Men's Soap Shop Bergamot Aftershave in a Flask is the gift that keeps on giving. Once depleted of the enchanting bergamot scented aftershave, the flask makes way for your favourite spirits. 

Capitalist Pig Chalkboard Bank | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

The Capitalist Pig Chalkboard Bank lets you make lists, leave notes or doodle to your heart's content all while holding onto your loose change that you can save up to buy more chalk with.

Molla Space Loose Leaf Coaster Pads | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

...and leads to another multifunctional item that you can write on. The Molla Space Loose Leaf Coaster Pads come with a dry-erase marker that allows you to write messages or to claim the spot where you left your drink, which is great when everyone at your crowded dinner party has the same style glass.

Belle and Union Berry Cobbler Recipe Cotton Tea Towel | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Belle and Union's Berry Cobbler Recipe Cotton Tea Towel has a scrumptious recipe screen-printed right onto it. Conceal the cobbler with the cobbler tea towel only to surprise everyone what's hidden underneath, now how meta would that be?!

Trinitae Handmade Aromatherapy Heavenly Vanilla Soap | Room 2046 Toronto Canada  Trinitae Handmade Aromatherapy Lemongrass & Neroli Soap | Room 2046 Toronto Canada  Trinitae Handmade Aromatherapy Rosemary Soap | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

You might be wondering how a bar of hand milled soap from Jordan by Trinitae is multifunctional, but it's quite clear once you unwrap these beauties to reveal a powerful aroma that engulfs your powder room with the scent of either Heavenly VanillaLemongrass & Neroli or Rosemary. Clean hands and aromatherapy all in one.

Areaware Bracelet Flask | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Finally, we have the Areaware Bracelet Flask (Blask!), available in chrome and turquiose matte, a handy piece of jewellery, which doubles as a sneaky flask. Bring along two ounces of your favourite spirits disguised as a hot fashion accessory. If anyone questions the closure, just tell them "cork is so hot right now!"

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