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Steep It Up: How to High Tea

Brewing loose leaf tea may seem pretty straight forward, but in fact it takes precision to make it properly. The right portion of tea in combination with the ideal temperature of hot water and just enough time steeping all play a vital role in a well balanced and expertly brewed cup of tea.

Instagram by Sloane Tea, now being steeped in Room 2046 Café in Shop

How to Brew High Tea
To start, lump 1 rounded teaspoon per 12 ounces of water of your favourite tea blend into a sachet or infuser. Then set your water to boil until the ideal temperature. Loose leaf teas can be sensitive to boiling temperatures, so take care not to burn your tea by following the guide below.

Black Tea - 100ºC | Oolong Tea - 90ºC | Green Tea - 79ºC | White Tea - 85ºC | Herbal Tea - 100ºC

After you've combined the tea and water allow it to steep for just the right amount of minutes. This is a matter of preference, but if you like a strong, bitter or bold flavour leave the bag in. Follow the guide below if you want to steep your game up to a properly brewed cup of tea.

Black Tea - 5-6 | Oolong Tea - 3-4 | Green Tea - 3-4 | White Tea - 3-4 | Herbal Tea - 5-6

Now all that's left to do is grab a biscuit or two, kick back and chill. If you want to sip in style, shop our selection of tea steeping systems and mugs by clicking HERE.

Tea Forte Pugg Tea Pot Cherry Blossoms | Room 2046 Toronto Canada     Tea Forte Kati Cup and Infuser Cranberry Red | Room 2046 Toronto Canada      Balvi Robot Tea Time Infuser | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

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