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Ways to use mason jars blog post by Room 2046 cafe shop studio Toronto Canada

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest or Instagram, you are likely familiar with the country trend taking over kitchens around the world – mason jars. These moulded jars are traditionally used in home canning to preserve food, but are now popular in DIY projects and as home decor. We are having a huge summer sale at Room 2046, and our Barbuzzo Mason Jar Ceramic Shot Glasses and Fishs Eddy Quart Size Mason Jars are now on clearance! These aren't your average glass mason jars – they are ceramic and come in beautiful pastel colours for a modern take on an old classic. If our sale isn't enough to convince you to grab one (or ten) for yourself, here are five ways that you can use these versatile mason jars in your home.  

Fishs Eddy Quart Size Mason Jar - Mint available from Room 2046 cafe shop studio Toronto Canada

1. Drinking Glass

One of the most popular uses for ceramic mason jars is as stylish drinking glasses. These 32 oz. jars are the ideal size for iced tea, water, or your favourite smoothie. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them low maintenance additions to your kitchen. The shot glass size jars are a fun way to serve fun shots at the bar at your next party, and can also hold wheatgrass juice and other healthy shots as a hangover cure for the morning after.  

2. Planter 

Mason jars can be used to add a touch of nature to your home. The Barbuzzo Mason Jar Ceramic Shot Glasses make great planters for mini cacti and other succulents. They come in a four piece set, so you can mix and match the jars with a variety of different plants. To make an even bigger statement, create your own indoor herb garden with the Fishs Eddy Quart Size Mason Jars. Just add soil cover rocks and potting soil, plant the seeds, and watch your greenery grow. 

Barbuzzo Mason Jar Ceramic Shot Glasses available from Room 2046 cafe shop studio Toronto Canada
3. Storage & Organization

Mason jars are excellent for storage and organization in your office, bathroom, and kitchen. The Fishs Eddy Quart Size Mason Jars can hold office necessities, craft supplies, makeup brushes, spatulas, and wooden spoons. Smaller items like Q-tips and cotton balls can be stored in the Barbuzzo Mason Jar Ceramic Shot Glasses, organizing your bathroom and spicing up your home decor all in one.

4. Flower Vase

To give your next floral arrangement or table centrepiece a fresh, rustic look, try using a ceramic mason jar as a vase. For bigger flowers, such as sunflowers or peonies, pick up a quart size Fishs Eddy Mason Jar. If you are interested in a more delicate look, the Barbuzzo Mason Jar Ceramic Shot Glasses can hold small air plants or mini flower displays.

5. Bookends 

Using a mason jar as a bookend may seem a bit unusual, but the Fishs Eddy Quart Size Mason Jars will add a unique touch to your home library and prevent your books from falling over. These jars can be placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright, or spaced throughout the shelf to fill in any gaps.

Stop by the Room 2046 store to see our mason jars and other sale items in person, or online here. To see more of our current obsessions, check out our Pinterest and Instagram.     

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