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Rainy Day Indoor Essentials

As remnants of Hurricane Patricia that damaged part of Mexico hit southern Ontario, Toronto has been experiencing heavy downpour since the wee hours of Wednesday and will continue to be drenched until Thursday. One hopes that the bad weather will halt for Halloween, which falls on Saturday of this weekend. 

Rainy days may feel gloomy, but could be used as a valid excuse to stay indoors, get all those tasks done or engage in introspective activities... Wherever you may be, here are some essentials for a wet, stormy day spent indoors:

Rainy Day Spent Indoors Essentials: journal, adult colouring book, scented candle, writing/colouring utensils, vinyl record, chocolates

Left column - top to bottom: Oblation Papers & Press To Thine Own Self English Lit Journal, Reclaimed Branch Set of Colour Pencils, Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap

Centre and right column: Salted Caramel with Hawaiian Salt Dark Chocolate & Maldon Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - both by Laura Slack (National Chocolate Day!)

Set the mood by putting on the jazz classic and underrated vinyl LP for the 1958 soundtrack of Louis Malle's debut film Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud (Elevator to the Gallows) by Miles Davis Quintet

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