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National Doughnut Day

Hello, Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake! How apt that this year's National Doughnut Day falls on Thursday, the day when our cafe (#CafeinShop) offers a tasty selection of gourmet donuts from Parkdale's Glory Hole Doughnuts. 

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake Donut from Glory Hole Doughnuts available at Room 2046 Toronto

The secret's out — thanks to the "Hidden Toronto" feature in the latest issue of Village Post City Magazine:

Summerhill's Room 2046 is a cafe, design shop and clothing boutique. But did you know it dishes out doughnuts from Parkdale's sassily-named Glory Hole come Thursdays? Bite into a tasty chai [brûlée] or banana cream round. 1252 Yonge St

Doughnuts in Room 2046 as featured in the Village City Post Toronto Magazine 

Come through and indulge. Wash down the treats with our specialty coffee drinks, like the Valmonte perhaps - our creation of vanilla almond milk latte? 

Dazed & Confused Donut drawn on our sandwich board on Yonge Street

 If you're obsessed with donuts as much as we are here, some items that may be of your interest:



Flakes Paperie Birthday Sweet Card | Room 2046 Toronto Canada 


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