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From Pen to Pitchfork: An Aquaintence with Farmers' Welsh Lavender

Canadian Nancy Durham began her career shift from journalist to farmer through a £1,000 farming grant that afforded the cultivation of several thousand lavender plants on her farm in South East Wales. With its unique terroir at 1100 feet, her lands’ rich red soil is described as having a slightly “nutty scent,” affecting the aromatic characteristics of the robustly fragranced lavender in her brand, Farmers’.  

Farmer's Lavender Field

- Farmers' Lavender growing on the rolling Welsh hillside.

Having collaborated with revered brands like Monocle and Ace Hotel, Farmers' products are found in the travel bags of many jetsetters. Their stress-relieving, aromatherapeutic qualities help alleviate the stresses and anxieties of traveling. The mini tins are small enough to pass security and will help keep you moisturized at 27,000 feet.

Farmers' Lavender Hand Cream 100ml | Room 2046 Toronto CanadaFarmers' Lavender Scrub 75ml | Room 2046 Toronto Canada 

Supermodel Helena Christensen is a fan, swearing by her pocket sized farmers’ hand cream. Proclaiming it's her secret weapon, she jokes that its scent evokes “a ride through the Irish countryside on horseback with a pub on the horizon.”  

Nancy Durham Farmers' Welsh Lavender

Lavenders' medicinal properties help soothe hangovers, bad moods, skin problems, and muscle soreness. Did you know that other than being a great itch reliever for insect bites, it can also repel insects altogether?  And more importantly, it’s known in English Folklore to ward off evil spirits and the plague.  

Farmers' Lavender Foot Cream 150ml | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

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