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Tree Blanche: Festive Window Art in Summerhill

Illuminated through our shop's window on Yonge Street, you will see dozens of little handcrafted paper houses designed to form a holiday tree. 

Communi-tree on Instagram |  in Room 2046 Concept Design Shop Cafe Studio Yonge Summerhill Toronto Canada

Every team member at Room 2046 has painstakingly constructed these mini-houses that it's only apt to call this collaborative piece a "Communi-TREE." Priding ourselves in utilizing creativity, originality, and group effort into our window displays, we jumped at the chance to participate in the "Joy of Creativity" campaign hosted by the Gardiner Museum - best known for its ceramics.  

The Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen's Park, Toronto.

The Gardiner has traditionally showcased a collection of festively decorated trees. Now, in its 27th year of hosting their 12 Trees Exhibition, this stunning little museum has broken from the tradition of using real trees. In effort to rebrand and reinvent, they’ve asked 12 artists and designers to create their own imaginative interpretation of a Christmas tree. Curated by Dee Dee Eustace, this showcase is not limited to their space in Queen’s Park, but has extended to our own shop in Summerhill. In effort to spread more joy, they’ve invited select retailers in the community to follow in suit.

Hermes Umbrella Tree and Eureka Moment Tree |  in Room 2046 Concept Design Shop Cafe Studio Yonge Summerhill Toronto Canada

Trees on display at the Gardiner Museum include the umbrella tree, left, from Hermes Canada and a 'tree' about the eureka moment, at right, by artist Justin Broadbent.

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