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Bringing Home the Hammam Experience with Luxurious Turkish Towels & Soaps

Soft and functional, authentic Turkish towels or known as pestemals (peshtemals) are synonymous with quality as they are hand-loomed using 100% Turkish cotton or linen by family-run textile makers in Turkey. 

Pestemalslightweight, thin, and incredibly absorbentdry quicker than thick terry cloth towels. Traditionally, they are used in the Turkish hammam. Due to their high absorbency, these towels are effective for drying in the shower or bath, and with bright colours and classic understated patterns, they could be used as sarongs, beach and picnic blankets, or table cloths as they would add verve to any dining room. 

Fine Loom Balik Sirti 01 430g Cotton Turkish Towel - Purple | Room 2046 Toronto Canada   Fine Loom Hereke 320g Cotton Turkish Towel - Slate | Room 2046 Toronto Canada   Fine Loom Cairus 370g Cotton Turkish Towel - Tangerine | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

The traditional hand-weaving process involves knotting the ends of extended rows of cotton yarn. As a result, the lack of interruptions in the cloth enables moisture to distribute evenly and dry far quicker than ordinary terrycloth towels. 

Room 2046 now carries a selection of authentic Turkish towels in various cotton weight, sizes, and colours. The finest cotton fibre is the Elmas style. A full sized 100 x 175 cm made of 450g cotton yarns is ideal for enveloping yourself in quality craftsmanship, available in navy, biscay bay, dove grey, and light grey.

Fine Loom Elmas 450g Cotton Turkish Towels in Room 2046 Concept Design Shop Cafe Studio Yonge Summerhill Toronto Canada

The Elmas style, also available as peskir, the hand towel equivalent of the peshtemal. The 130g cotton towel measuring 100x50 cm, is equally as absorbent as their full size counterparts and available in complementing colours turquoise, purple, and dove grey.

Fine Loom Elmas Turkish Peskir Hand Towel Collection in Room 2046 Concept Design Shop Cafe Studio Yonge Summerhill Toronto Canada

Shop our selection of authentic turkish peshtemals and peskirs in a range of styles and weights by clicking HERE. These luxurious towels, paired with natural Turkish soaps, make wonderful house warming gifts. 

Natural, pure soaps from Turkey available in Room 2046 Concept Design Shop, Toronto Canada

Made in the coastal district of Seferihisar, Turkey, these lovely soaps have no harsh chemicals and perfumes, and contain pure, natural ingredients like goat milk, olive oil, grapeseed oil, volcanic clay, orange cinnamon. Available in-store and online, these individually hand-cut and wrapped soaps also come as an assorted set comprising samples of natural moss, volcanic clay, grapeseed oil, and oatmeal. 

Due to the handmade process, variations occur in shape and face of each bar. 


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