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Paper Jam Playlist: The Music Behind the Letterpress

If you don't know the inspiration behind NYC-based print maker Paper Jam Press' letterpress posters, turn your speakers up and get into the Paper Jam Playlist. Featuring videos from legendary hip-hop tracks that defined a decade. Now you know. Listen up and find the lyrics that match the posters below.



Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl...

The World is Yours - NAS

Whose world is this?
(The world is yours, the world is yours)
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine; whose world is this?

Everyday I'm Hustlin' - Rick Ross

Everyday I'm hustlin' hustlin'
Hustle, hustlin' hustlin'
Hustle, hustlin' hustlin'
Hustle, hustlin' hustlin'

Today Was a Good Day - Ice Cube

I picked up the cash flow
Then we played bones, and I'm yellin domino
Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.
Today was a good day (shit!)

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin ta Fuck Wit' - Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck wit
all over the whole fuckin globe, comin through boy
Peace to the fuckin Zulu Nation
Peace to all the Gods and the Earths, word is bond
Wu-Tang slang, choppin heads boy
It ain't safe no more!

These lyrics and a few others are all available for purchase to add a bit of flavour to your decor, some even come as tote bags. They are available framed (while quantities last) or unframed for a raw aesthetic true to the raw nature of the lyrics. To see the whole collection click HERE. Word to your mother.

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