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Existential Dread Birthday card

Five years ago on a balmy Sunday in May, Room 2046 opened its doors on Yonge Street in the primarily residential neighbourhood of Summerhill in Toronto.

Having served thousands of lattes, purveyed mountainous of crafted goods, styled and accessorized scores of the sartorially inclined over the past years, we're still pinching ourselves and asking, "Has it really been five years?"

Since the beginning, we have differentiated Room 2046 as more than just a cafe and a retail shop. As much as we enjoy pulling espresso shots, scouring the world and through the depths of internet to discover original design and quality craftsmanship, inherently, our passion lies in creating, playing with ideas and seeing them come to fruition. Hence, the short films and videos, the collection of screen-printed textiles, the handful of cheeky letterpress greeting cards and whimsical wrapping paper, the recent line of concrete planters and hand-poured candles, the collaboration with other local makers, and of course, the silly haikus, puns, word play and all sorts of graphics and content that populate our JOURNAL blog and the emails we send out. 

Mostly though, we love what we do because everyday is never the same. It's simultaneously challenging and rewarding. Retail is increasingly competitive with the volatility of market conditions, but the priceless interaction and relationships that result from having all kinds of people belonging to various generations, cultures, backgrounds in our space trump all else and make it worth while. On a cerebral level, we have the interesting opportunity to observe humanity appearing as various characters – at times behaving in unpredictable ways (maybe an idea for another blog).

Real life experience aside, when we receive online orders, it brings us surreal joy in packing and sending products to far-flung destinations – a little reminder of how far technology has evolved in enabling a small shop like ours to connect with customers who may never have the chance to visit our physical space in Toronto. Entrepreneurship, like anything that's worth doing and enriching in experience, is not easy and requires persistence and hard work, but continually, we strive to make it fun and inspiring. Through these type of connections and revelation – trivial or remarkable – we stay motivated to improve, innovate, grow. 

Polaroids from the Room 2046 5th anniversary party

Last week on May 11 – a couple of days short of the shop's fifth anniversary, we had a party to celebrate our five years in business. It was also a day to officially launch a new seamless way to gift someone (or groups of clients or guests) we're now offering called ROOM SERVICE.

Mill Street beer chilling at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party Cheese & crackers at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party Fruit spread at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party
Olives spread at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party Vegetables spread at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party Cupcakes at the Room 2046 fifth anniversary party

We had Mill Street sponsoring the beer, DJ Precious Brett from Hot For Company on the decks spinning soul, funk, reggae, and one of our customers, Mutia snapping polaroids. An overall fun evening, there were raffle prizes given out that included the Serene Spa and Bitter Sweet Gift Sets from ROOM SERVICE, a watch by Fé Everyday Goods, a trio set of handmade soaps by Firoza along with spa gift certificates for facials and a massage by Clarity MedSpa and Totum Life Science – both located in our neighbourhood of Summerhill and Rosedale. 

The lucky winners are:

Jay Wilson (Serene Spa Set), Ben Stacey (Watch), Nayiri Abrahamian (Bitter Sweet Set), Alene Der Boghossian (Massage), Tom Millius (Firoza soaps & facial), Ron Magiba & Emily Cook (Facial). Congrats & thank you for partaking!

Here's to more years to come. If you're not already on the party list, enter your email address here for exclusive access.  

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