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If you didn't receive the latest email sent out a few weeks ago, below is our open letter pertaining to the shop's closure...

Thank you for all your support over the past five years! It’s been a pleasure serving and knowing you. We’ve decided to close our Summerhill shop/cafe and focus all efforts onto our online shop and creative studio.

We will certainly miss having those spontaneous, lively discussions with you on diverse subjects as profound as the complexities of the human condition and as trite as the weather, while pulling an espresso shot for your latte.

We will miss welcoming your family members of different generations and watching your baby grow into a precocious toddler. We will miss listening to your amusing anecdotes, heartfelt stories, and connecting you with fellow customers. We will miss seeing you burst into uncontrollable laughter upon reading some cheeky, profane greeting cards or catching an obscure reference from our signage board on the sidewalk.

But, this is not the end. Let’s continue our conversation and the ongoing exploration of beautiful design, quality craftsmanship, whimsy and creativity. Allow us to provide you with excellent customer service, still. In the meantime, swing by the space in the next couple of weeks to say hello and enjoy $25 off when you spend $100. Furniture is for sale too! Thank you again. Stay in touch.

Yours truly,

Kumala & the Room 2046 team


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