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Concrete Rotunda Black and Gold by Room 2046

This season, we've been working hard at developing and producing our own collection of planters and vessels made of concrete. Similar to our candles, every piece is hand-poured and crafted in our studio in Summerhill. Each item is one-of-a-kind, and due do its handmade process, individual products will appear slightly different from another.  

In the Room 2046 Studio: Concrete planters   In the Room 2046 Studio: Concrete Planters   Concrete planters with soy wax candles by Room 2046 Concept Shop Toronto Canada

We wanted to create objects that are functional, accessible, and fitting with the aesthetics of the shop. As our eclecticism is drawn from mixing the high with the low and juxtaposing beauty with grit, we figured that by creating vessels made from concrete – a gritty and solid material – to display delicate flowers and to hold something ephemeral like candle wax would be apropos.

Concrete Rotunda Planter displaying an orchid by Room 2046 Concept Shop in Toronto 

We like the idea that once you've burnt through the entire hand-poured candle, you're left with a handmade object that could be used to hold plants or store other things. In selecting and curating collections for the store, multifunctional products usually win our hearts, so naturally we aim to produce our own line with similar versatility in mind. 

Concrete Planters and Stationery Holder by Room 2046 Concept Shop Toronto

Since the inception of the store five years ago, Room 2046 has undergone a series of evolution with various types of products and brands it offers, along with channeling our creativity through different means; however, the one constant tangible element that exists and is visible throughout the shop's interior is the permanence of concrete unifying the space. 

Room 2046 concept shop cafe interiors in Summerhill, Toronto Canada Room 2046 concept shop cafe interiors with concrete bench Toronto Canada

In a way, by launching the concrete planter series this year, we are celebrating the five years of our hard work and your incredible support to make Room 2046 what it is today and what it's always been – a little shop with concrete ideas. 

Click here to view the collection. More to come soon.

Pico Textured Gold Concrete Planter by Room 2046 Concept Shop TorontoGold Tea Light Candle Holder by Room 2046 Black and Gold Concrete Planter by Room 2046


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