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Matcha Lattes in Room 2046 Toronto

We are now serving matcha green tea lattes at our #CafeInShop.

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Matcha is powdered green tea unique to Japan. One glass is the equivalent of 10 glasses of regular loose leaf green tea. It is made with a stone-grinding process, which allows you to ingest the whole leaf and gain all of its benefits.

Stone-ground matcha powder process

Some of those benefits include mood enhancement through antioxidants, such as EGCg that aid in weight-loss and detox by boosting metabolism and balancing your body's pH levels to burn calories. It is a sugar-free alternative to coffee that will relax your mind and invigorate your spirit without the jittery side effects which results in better concentration.

Matcha is rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, fibre and chlorophyll, all which help to prevent disease and lower cholesterol and blood sugar. The amino acids give matcha its distinctive taste that treads the line between savoury and sweet.

Matcha green tea powder

We whisk our sugar-free matcha up with steamed whole milk, almond or soy milk. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend adding a shot of vanilla or maple syrup for a sweet treat. Available hot or cold, so stop by Room 2046 and enjoy one with Shoko Chocolate's Matcha Dark Chocolate.

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