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The Silver Jewelry of the Tuareg Nomads

Tuareg Jewelry from Central Africa | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

[1] Tuareg Thin Notches Oxidized Silver Drip Hook Earrings  [2] Tuareg Adjustable Green Agate Stone Silver Ring  [3] Tuareg Stacked Silver Rings - Size 10  [4] Tuareg Cone Notched Ebonwood Long Silver Drip Earrings  [5] Tuareg Ebonwood and Silver Paddle Hook Earrings  [6] Tuareg Large Green Agate Ring with Stacked Silver Rings

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If you're looking for a special piece of jewelry with soul, shop the wares of Tuareg Nomads of central Africa and the handmade silver jewelry they create.

Riding through the vast sands of the Sahara are the Tuareg people, a nomadic tribe which thrives in the world largest hot desert. Often called the 'blue people', Tuareg can easily be recognized by their indigo dyed clothing. They are most known for creating beautiful jewelry as their predominant form of cultural art. Room 2046 now carries these authentic silver beauties straight out of Africa.

These pieces were inspired by the distinct tribal style of the Wodaabe tribe of Niger. The Tuareg deliver silver jewellery across continents in hopes to sell enough to afford clean drinkable water for their people. Each piece is humbly handcrafted to reflect a traditional sense of style that can effortlessly integrate into anyone’s personal collection.

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