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Special Gift Bundles Now Available

Room 2046 offers perfectly paired products in convenient gift bundles to surprise and delight everyone.

Available online and in-store, these bundles feature some of our best-selling, customer favourite items at a discounted price. Shop them all below to find the solution to any gift related stress you might be experiencing.

Simple Bundle: perfect for friends or coworkers | $45

Simple Bundle: JUMA Sock, JOYA+Room 2046 Candle, WritersBlok Double Notepad | Room 2046 Toronto Canada


Kitchen Bundle: add a little colour to your culinary space | $50

Kitchen Bundle: Short Stack Edition: Strawberries, Fishes Eddy Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Cup and Polka Dot Bowl | Room 2046 Toronto Canada


Scribe Bundle: the 'write' bundle for any occasion | $50

Scribe Bundle: Stick Up Weekly Calendar, Mine Design Noted Candle - Field Guide, Poketo Bold Font Family Notebook | Room 2046 Toronto Canada


Skin Care Bundle: for sensitive skin & love for artisanal products | $50

Skin Care Bundle: Turkish Soaps and Farmers' Hand Cream | Room 2046 Toronto Canada


Gent's Bundlea pleasing combination for the man with discerning taste | $75

Gent's Bundle: Etiquette Socks, US Apothecary Candle, Triumph & Disaster Soap | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Complement the gift set with a card. View our collection by clicking HERE.

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