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State of the Art: 5 Books That Will Inspire

Turning to an art book for inspiration is always a good call, it's also never a bad idea to widen your creative horizons. Here's a list of essential art books to help you brush up on art history and more. 

The Art Book for Children

The Art Book For Children | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

It's never too early to influence a master painter. Filled with examples of legendary works, spanning multiple centuries and movements, The Art Book for Children is presented in a way that kids can grasp easily, even if they are reading it on their own.

The Thing: The Book | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

A literal work of art itself, The Thing is an homage to the book as an object and chocked full of content from contemporary artists and authors. Every element is an installation, from the table of contents to the bookmark ribbon, to a naughty errata slip. Pick up a copy and explore its endless possibilities.

Art As Therapy | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Artists are notoriously introverted and Art as Therapy breaks down the ways one can use a trip to the local art gallery in soul searching ways. It suggests that art has an ability to teach us more about ourselves and put life's questions into perspective.

C'est La Vie!: The Wonderful World of Sempé

C'est La Vie! The Wonderful World of Sempé | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Sempé, a cartoonist (you may have seen his work on the covers of The New Yorker), gained his artist status through his long career an amazing feat for the otherwise echeloned art world. Notorious for his keen observation and wit, Sempé always created art around little details in this world that make us smile, and this collection of his best work will definitely delight.

@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Nothing says high art like a well established, influential and controversial artist taking gritty raw and abandoned space and washing it over with sophisticated and visually stunning installations. Conceived during his own incarceration and executed in the spirit of protest, Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz outlines his projects in the prison environment with the use of a variety mediums. This book is an amazing source of inspiration.

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