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Celebrating Commencement: A Graduation Gift Guide

The school year is coming to an end. Summer is around the corner... Ah, this bittersweet season that is graduation is upon us. If you are nearing the end of high school, college, or university, you may recognize the sentimentality. Here's a gift guide to suit the graduate's major and interests. 
Class of 2016 Graduate Wish List

Class of 2016 Graduate Wish List

As the final days of higher learning slowly count down to summer time freedom Room 2046 would like to congratulate everyone snatching up a diploma this year as part of the class of 2016. Among these distinguished grads is our shop's own Ivanna who is graduating from Ryerson University with a bachelors degree in Fashion Communication. We've asked her to make a wish list of items that are essential for starting a new chapter in her life, these are her top picks.