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Match Making the Perfect Valentine's Day Chocolates

Designer Luxury Chocolates from Shoko Chocolates, David H. Chow, Marou, and Laura Slack | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

You may have heard that chocolate triggers endorphins – the pleasure hormones in the brain, giving you a jolt of happiness and improving your moods with every consumption. This Valentine's Day, commit yourself to pleasing and bringing joy to a loved one by presenting them with an assortment of endorphin-infused chocolates. 

It goes without saying, adding artisanal chocolates to a gift or a card is a lovely form of expressing love. Below is a guide to our favourite treats to help you choose the right one for your sweetheart.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat

Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

As the first artisanal chocolate maker based in Vietnam to have worked in close collaboration with farmers, cooperatives and cacao experts, Marou is aiming to make Vietnamese chocolate a widely recognized origin for gourmet chocolate.

Marou is ideal for chocolate purists.

Laura Slack, Chocolate Artist

Laura Slack Chocolate Artist | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Handmade from the finest couverture chocolate, each bar is individually painted by Laura Slack in luxurious colours. Then, it's wrapped in authentic Japanese Chiyogami paper offering a superlative visual and taste experience for the true chocolate lover. Some interesting flavours include salted caramel with hawaiian salt or raspberry ganacheChoose Laura Slack Chocolates for the valentine who appreciates beautiful packaging and attention to detail.

Chocolat Bonnat

Chocolat Bonnat | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Maison Bonnat offers a variety of bean to bar chocolates from Stéphane Bonnat, a third-generation chocolatier who upholds his family's legacy in Voiron, France Choose Chocolat Bonnat if your valentine values tradition or a francophile.

Shoko Chocolates

Shoko Chocolates and Confections | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

Striving to bring new experiences in chocolate while honouring the timeless classics, Toronto based Shoko Chocolates explores the ideas and flavours made possible with new and unexpected ingredients and techniques. Interesting flavours include matcha dark chocolate (also the winner of the International Chocolate Awards in 2016) or lychee rose heart bonbonsOpt for Shoko Chocolates if your valentine is experimental or into keeping things simple.

David H. Chow Chocolates & Confections

David H. Chow Chocolate & Confections | Room 2046 Toronto Canada

David is recognized as one of Toronto's top pastry chefs and chocolatiers with over 10 years of experience and recognition from the International Chocolates Awards. As an engineer-turned-pastry chef, he applies both his technical and artistic background to produce unique hand-crafted products using top-shelf ingredients. Try lavender cassis earl grey or the Thai peanut butter meltaway bar. Choose David H. Chow Choclates & Confections if your valentine has a sophisticated palette. 

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