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Bath House Men's 260ml Exfoliating Body Wash - Cuban Cedar & Lime

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A vibrant Latin fragrance with zesty notes of lime, grapefruit and bergamot undercut with rich darker tones of Cuban cedar, leather and musk.

Refresh and revive with this stimulating body wash, created with particles of Almond Husk to gently exfoliate, and a unique blend of natural extracts to recondition and revive the skin. Use in the shower as part of your skincare routine, massaging into wet skin, and then rinsing off thoroughly.

Lime oil a natural astringent renowned for its purifying properties. 

Lemon oil  a refreshing oil used as a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Sugar cane improves skin tone, with moisturizing qualities. 

Bilberry  a natural anti-oxidant and antiseptic.

Almond shell to gently exfoliate the skin.

Free from animal testing.

Made in the UK

260ml / 8.8fl.oz.