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Bath House Men's Facial Moisturizer - Bergamot & Amber

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A richly nourishing 95% natural formula made with pure and active ingredients carefully chosen and used for their skin softening properties. Light and easily absorbed this moisturiser is Ideal for everyday use, as part of your daily skincare routine. The powerful natural extracts, rich in anti-oxidants combine to re-hydrate, firm and revitalise skin. 

Aloe Vera - To soothe and rehydrate the skin
Macadamia Oil - The crème de la crème of nut oils, gentle and protective
Myrhh - Revitalising and toning, believed to contain anti-aging properties
Shea Butter - Deep-moisturising, and a natural source of vitamins A and E
Water Lily - Revitalising and uplifting for body and mind