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Eleanor Pritchard 405 Line Woven Wool Blanket

$438.00 CA

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150 x 180 cm

This reversible blanket design references early television technology and draws its name from the number of scanning lines per inch for analogue black and white TV transmission.

Woven in the standard weight wool yarn at standard width

Colour: flannel grey, white and charcoal
100% wool (2/11)

A love of pattern and colour runs through all of Eleanor Pritchard's woven designs. The aesthetic is fresh and contemporary with a nod to English midcentury designs. The fabrics draw inspiration from traditional British textile crafts, re-interpreting the vernacular for a contemporary audience. 

The blankets are all designed and sampled by Eleanor in her London studio and are woven at a small traditional mill in Wales. They are all produced in 100% pure new wool with a blanket stitch edging.