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Hannah June Ceramic Chick-a-Tea Pot with Tea Cups - Black

$128.00 CA

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This black white stoneware teapot conveys the essence of a round mother hen, thus the name, Chick-a-Tea Pot. Unique in form, this teapot is very special with a cascading handle that merges with the base and a cork top.

Extremely thin and delicate, these pieces are only cast for 20 minutes making them surprisingly lightweight. Teapot holds approximately two cups of tea. 

All pieces are handmade in Brooklyn and are subject to slight variations.

Hannah June received a Bachelors in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute with honors in May 2013. She loves to work with her hands in multiple disciplines and is inspired by organic forms. Focusing on the tactile relationship we have with our surrounding objects, a sensitivity to form, gesture, and movement are all apparent in her designs. She produces her slipcast ceramic work at her studio in Williamsburg.