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Boxcar Triple Planter Walnut Orange

$72.00 CA

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This single planter provides three holes for three succulents. Its clean lines, geometric angles, and bright accent will bring life to your living or work space. Includes a stainless-steel insert. Hold cacti or succulent plants as photographed. Do not allow water to remain on wood finish as water spots may occur.

Made in Oregon, U.S., Boxcar sets are cut from one block of solid wood. The wood-grain lines up and match seamlessly through all three pieces. The ends are hand-painted to insure the highest quality of craftsmanship. The walnut consists of grain variations making each Boxcar Set truly unique. The oil-based finish enhances the beauty and longevity of the planter. The stainless steel inserts prevent rot and cracking inside the wood holes.
Care Instructions: 

  • Transplant the succulent into the stainless steel cups provided.
  • Keep the soil line below the top of the stainless steel cups so soil won’t come into contact with the wood once they’re in place.
  • Place the planted stainless steel cups into the Boxcar body.
  • Carefully water the plant and avoid overflow into the hole of wooden planter. Succulent plants only require a few drops of water every two to three weeks.
Designed by Revolution Design House in Portland, Oregon.