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Room 2046 Flo City Monochromatic Tank

$68.00 CA

Room 2046 makes stuff too and this is just one of them that was made with mad love.

Screen-printed in our Summerhill studio. Room 2046 strictly uses non-toxic water based inks, which are flexible to touch and produce softer results than other types of inks that are often used commercially. 

"Flo City" is originally conceived and hand-drawn by Flora Shum, a BFA graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design in Printmaking. She has participated in several shows, art fairs, print exchanges and collaborations. Her work explores themes of a cyborg society, the use of landmarks and landscapes with which to define and identify, the structure of values and the deconstruction and reconstruction of society. Flora's work incorporates various aspects of printmaking and papermaking, creating installations out of the prints and the materials themselves.

To care for your Room 2046 original print, turn it inside out, wash in the washer with cold water, and tumble dry on low heat. If you're an overachiever like us, iron inside out. The more you wash it the softer it gets!

Printed on "The 50/50 Shirt" by American Apparel. Unisex.
Every print will have slight variations as each is hand-pulled by our bare hands. 

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