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Shawna Tabacznik Chaim Bracelet

$230.00 CA

Materials: Sterling Silver and 3D Printed Alumide.

Length: Approx. 8,1/2";  Width: Approx. 1/2"

Shawna Tabacznik created a Jewellery collection inspired by her Jewish heritage and family’s legacy. By abstracting the Star of David –the most recognizable Jewish symbol- into a 3D form she was able to transform a cultural element of Judaism into wearable pieces of Jewellery that subtly combines meaning with aesthetics.

Shawna Tabacznik is an award winning jewellery designer from Toronto, Canada. Born in Israel and raised in Colombia and Canada, she has recently completed her Bachelor degree in Jewellery Design from OCAD University. Her expertise in transforming meaning into jewellery, alongside her skills as a goldsmith, has allowed her to create unique jewellery that has a deep story. From her intricate one of a kind work to her crafted production pieces, much of Shawna's work represents the transformation of experiences of everyday life into tangible art forms.

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