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Spinning Hat Retro Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakes

$19.99 CA $9.99 CA

Add some geek chic to your dining table and impress anyone who was ‘made in the 80s’ with Spinning Hat's pixilated killer condiment set, the Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers. Inspired by vintage computer arcade games, these little space creatures will bring some nostalgic space age seasoning to every dining occasion.

Irresistible to all of us who have dedicated hours upon hours to getting the top position on arcade game leader boards across the world.  You remember the days when your thumb and forefinger where indented to exactly the shape of the buttons on your favourite space attack game.  How nice it is now, to reflect upon those moments of terror, when your base defences were on their last legs, and you were manically firing laser beams at the never ending flow of alien space destroyers.  Now those terror inspiring alien space monsters have turned tail and are now on your side, helping to defend your own dining table.

Dimensions: each 7.1 cm x 7.1 cm x 2.9 cm (3 x 3 x 1")

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